Data: 1962


Guy Carrell, a medical researcher in 19th-century London, fears that his father's catalepsy is hereditary, and that he, too, will be buried alive during a seizure. He postpones marriage to Emily Gault, daughter of his physician and professor, Dr. Gideon Gault, and withdraws with his sister Kate to their country home on the moors, where he paints portraits of death. Emily visits him and persuades him to go through with the marriage, but following the ceremony, Guy builds a tomb containing every possible escape device to counteract his visions of grave robbers and nightmares of live burial. Guy's friend Miles Archer explains to Emily that catalepsy is not hereditary, but that given Guy's susceptible condition, any morbid reminder might precipitate a seizure; she then insists the tomb be destroyed, and Guy complies. Miles suggests that Guy open the family crypt and see for himself that his father was not buried alive. When the coffin is opened and a contorted skeleton is found, Guy collapses and falls lifeless to the ground, whereupon Miles and Dr. Gault pronounce him dead. Two grave robbers try to steal the body directly after the interment, but when they lift the lid from the casket, Guy leaps out and kills them. After murdering the doctor, Guy goes to Emily's room, drags her from her bed, carries her to the cemetery, and buries her alive. He is then confronted by Miles, who has discovered Gault's body and learned of Emily's disappearance. As the two men struggle, a shot rings out and Guy falls to the ground, killed by Kate, who was aware all along that Emily was using her knowledge of Guy's fears in a scheme to inherit his fortune.

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