Data: 1962


In the IXth Century a few Norman tribes stop roaming the seas and settle in the English county of Anglon. Vilfredo, a Saxon baron, in the intent of getting his hands of the crown and the young queen as well, first captures King Dagobert and then makes all believe that the Normans have killed him. But Count Oliviero d'Anglon, who has known all about Vilfredo's plans tries to defend the Normans but is not believed and accused of treason, is condemned to join the Norman tribe. Here Oliviero meets Svetania, the daughter of the Norman chief Olaf. But Olaf reveals to Oliviero that Svetania is not really his daughter, but the daughter of King Dagobert who he had captured many years before during an assault on a Saxon boat. After several struggles the Normans succeed - with the help of Oliviero - in freeing the Saxon king and kill the evil baron. Svetania and Oliviero can then get married.

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